Blockchain Technology and its Impact On Digital Marketing

Cryptocurrency is the term we relate to when “Blockchain Technology” comes into advent.

And that’s precise too.!!

Blockchain Technology revolutionized the market, ever since the first digital currency “Bitcoin” was introduced to the world. Marketing since then has changed a lot.

But Blockchain technology isn’t just about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, it’s more to that.

While most of us correlate Digital Marketing to industries like Artificial Intelligence, Search Engine Optimization, generating consumer leads, but Blockchain Technology will be disruptive to most technology in the industries.

In today’s article, we’ll discover some of the points on how Blockchain Technology is helping Digital Marketing to rebuild its future.

Enhanced Security

Millions of transactions occur daily. For those who indulge in buying and selling, the security of transactions is a must. Blockchain promotes effective identity management. Through this technology, the consumer data and all its transactional identity are safe and secured on a trusted network.

Customer data stored on the Blockchain network reduces the risk of unauthorized access and getting hosted by other cybersecurity issues.

Fake Alerts

It’s sometimes hard for people to trust everything they see online. Some of the potential consumers could have doubts that lead to your advertising and businesses that have difficulty in getting marketing ROIs.

With Blockchain the money you spend on advertisement goes to the audience you want. You can confer with publishers directly without having any third party system involved.

Marketing is now successful, and consumers are aware of, whom they can trust.

Protecting Consumer’s Data

Blockchain Technology gives the right to consumers to protect the data. Most of the companies derive the data from customers without their consent. In Blockchain, the value of data gets added to the Block.

Blockchain Technology is changing Digital Marketing by removing companies' abilities that extract the data from their customers.


Blockchain’s distributed ledeger system ensure that any product’s movement across the supply chain is transparent and controlled. Consumers can easily the manage the products they have purchased. This give the consumers the extensive power to improve the customer experience.


The real effect of Blockchain Technology can only been seen in marketing, when the use cases will implemented.

Consumers will now be able to see how Blockchain platforms allow the data of the consumers to be protected, that will benefits them in place of advertisers and middlemen. Content creators can see this opportunity to collect their rewards in terms of cryptocurrenices.

Blockchain Technology has the potential to completely wipe out companies that are built on its very existence.

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